The Honda Urban EV series electric car was shown on the photo

The Honda Urban EV series electric car was shown on the photo

September 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, Peugeot e-Legend, and also Honda Urban EV are representatives of a new trend, representing modern electric cars in a retro-image. And Honda Urban EV should appear in a serial image already in 2019. And now we can look at the rendering of the future novelty.

In the coming years, we must witness the birth of a new trend of neo-retro electric vehicles. Such as the line Volkswagen I.D. Buzz or Peugeot with the concept of e-Legend, and Honda is preparing to introduce a self-made electric car Urban EV, originally presented as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. According to preliminary information, the serial version of the concept from Honda will be released to the European market in the next year

At this point, the production version has not yet been introduced, and, of course, Honda does not yet provide much information about the upcoming novelty. Fortunately, the independent designer decided to present his own version of the serial version, presenting the render.

Judging by the image – the overall design of the concept will continue, but several elements have changed. Thus Urban EV will receive more classic doors, including for rear passengers, instead of a conceptual version with swing doors. Also, the concept will lose its rear view cameras instead of mirrors, and will get a more classic version.

We can also see that the serial model will receive more classic discs, a black cap instead of the grille and a narrow air intake in the lower part of the front bumper. In addition, Honda Urban EV will receive a classic chrome logo, instead of the glowing, shown on the concept.

Unfortunately, the shown version of the future model is not confirmed by anything, and remains exclusively a fantasy of an independent designer. But already in 2019 we can expect a serial version, and then we will see – how much the assumption turned out to be true.

Given the positive reaction to a fairly simple urban electric car, Honda’s chief designer, Makoto Iwoki, told us that he plans to keep the image of the concept in a production car, as was the case with Jaguar i-Pace.

“We would like to keep the design simple and affordable,” – he said. “But some elements of the original design will not be able to pass for legislative reasons.”

In addition, Honda has officially announced that it will open pre-order reception already in early 2019 before the start of official sales.

Meanwhile, Honda unveiled the serial version of the hybrid CR-V next generation. Before the official presentation of the crossover is less than a week, and the manufacturer gradually discovers the cards.