The Honda Passport is cheaper to rent than the more affordable CR-V

The Honda Passport is cheaper to rent than the more affordable CR-V

November 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese mid-size crossover Honda Passport can be leased for less than the compact Honda CR-V. The offer is valid until January next year.

Introduced almost two years ago as a 2019 model year, the Honda Passport is the perfect option if you want a crossover that’s not as big as the Pilot, but with a more spacious cabin than the CR-V.

For the 2020 model, the Passport has a starting price of $ 31,990, while the smaller Honda CR-V is $ 25,150.

However, Automotive Service CarsDirect found that current customers of the 2020 Honda Passport are offered cheaper leases than the CR-V. The difference in cost is $ 18 – pretty paltry, but considering the price of these cars, the power of their engines and the difference in size, it’s pretty amazing.

This rental price is part of the Honda Sign & Drive offerings, with Passport 2020 available at an effective monthly price of $ 292 ($ 209 per month for 36 months, $ 2,999 payable upon contract signing). The CR-V, on the other hand, is available for $ 310 a month for 36 months with $ 0 at signing – both with 16,093.44km of annual mileage.

Notably, this offer is available for the 2020 Passport and CR-V. CarsDirect noted that almost all assembled copies of the Honda Passport 2020 are sold out.

If you opt for the 2021 model, the Passport can be rented at an effective monthly rate of $ 312 – just $ 2 difference from the CR-V. Still a bargain considering you’re getting the latest version of the midsize crossover.

CarsDirect reports that the rental promotion is valid until January 4, 2021.

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