The hijackers did not notice the musician sleeping in the cabin. Even the car broke!

The hijackers did not notice the musician sleeping in the cabin. Even the car broke!

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Justin Kerner’s Awakening is no fun. The police also suspected him of the accident.

Newark police (a city in the northeastern United States) is looking for two men who hijacked a car from a sleeping man and smashed it. Musician Justin Kerner said he spent the night playing music with friends on Orchard Avenue, very tired and fell asleep right in his car. “I had a strange dream, as if someone had sat on my head, and another person jumped behind the wheel. It was all very surreal, ”- transmits the words of Kerner

After some time, he woke up in a broken car, jumped behind the wheel before it rolled out onto the roadway, turned off the engine … and went to bed again. He did not remember the details of the incident and was very surprised when, finally waking up and leaving the car, he ran into a group of people pointing at him to the police. Kerner was shown traces of his car’s tires on a lawn and broken bushes. One wheel was broken. Then he quickly came to his senses and realized that all this was not a dream.

The policemen were skeptical of his story and were even going to bring him to justice, but Kerner himself could not really understand anything. He was saved by a nearby person who provided a recording from a video surveillance camera located on the house, where you can see two men getting into a Kerner car, drive off, and then drop it and run away in horror. You can understand the thieves, because car theft is one thing, and kidnapping is a completely different article!

Kerner said that the kindly provided video saved him from having to prove his innocence in this extremely ridiculous situation.