The heir to the legendary Jaguar XJ13 of 1966 is ready to go on the road

The heir to the legendary Jaguar XJ13 of 1966 is ready to go on the road

July 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Of the unique prototype Jaguar from the 60s, the British made a road sports car. When creating this car, the guys from Ecurie Cars were inspired by the cars that participated in the legendary endurance race “24 Hours of Le Mans” in 1969.

The British company “Ecurie Cars” presented the road sports car LM69, which received the exterior of a racing prototype Jaguar XJ13 from the 60s. Creating the concept of their new car, the British imagined that they were preparing a participant for the oldest endurance race “24 Hours of Le Mans” in 1969. Unlike the original, which existed in a single copy, Ecurie’s Redditch will manually manufacture 25 copies of the LM69. It is planned that the cost and basic characteristics of the new model will be known very soon. For the debut of its sports car, the company chose the September international exhibition “Concours of Elegance” in London.

 Like the XJ13, its successor, the LM69 gets a four-cylinder V12 and has a mid-engined layout. The manufacturer himself put the power plant under a transparent curved cover in the spirit of the 60s. Recall, the five-liter engine from the XJ13 gave out 502 hp, and the speed that it developed reached 260 km / h.

 They didn’t change the architecture of the legendary prototype: the new sports car was equipped with a massive wing and aerodynamic wings, through which the air flow passes. Of the most notable improvements are large wheels and composite body elements. No modern technology and popular electronic assistants today. Everything is highly authentic.

Recall the original Jaguar XJ13 today is stored in the British Automobile Museum. It was created specifically for the “Le Mans”, but because of the changed rules of racing on the track, he never came out.