The head of the Subaru resigned because of the machinations of his subordinates

The head of the Subaru resigned because of the machinations of his subordinates

June 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Earlier, a number of scandals and discussions about frauds with readings of the level of fuel consumption by Japanese companies were held. The head of the company Subaru officially announced a voluntary resignation because of the revealed facts of the machinations of his subordinates.

Following the companies Mitsubishi and Suzuki, Subaru also found itself in the spotlight because of the discovered facts of frauds with the level of fuel consumption. Earlier it was assumed that in recent years there have been altogether only 700 facts of such fraud in the final stage of the audit. However, the last audit carried out revealed about 900 similar facts.

The general director and president of the corporation, Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, will give up both of these posts as a token of apology. Moreover (according to the revealed facts), the director himself was not aware of the violations, and all the machinations were carried out by the inspectors at the final stage of the release. The fact is that the inspectors considered that the preservation of the “premium”, as well as the performance of the shop is much more important than the possible problems with the level of environmental friendliness on some cars.

As noted by the edition of Nikkei Asian Review – the current president and CEO will now be occupied by the current vice-president Tomomi Nakamura. But it is worth noting that Yasuyuki Yoshinaga will not leave the company completely, but will only take off his positions and remain on the board of directors.

It should be noted that the investigation showed the facts of the falsification of test results by inspectors in the event that any car exceeded the limits of the average indicators. And the change of high and medium meadow farming will not stop only at the general director. There is information that the falsification of the results was carried out by inspectors with a direct indication of their leadership.

Unfortunately, there is as yet no detailed information on the forthcoming internal reorganization of the company in terms of the management team. It is assumed that the change of leadership will not affect the company’s policy aimed at the development of “green” technologies and autonomous systems.