The head of the PSA doubted the prospects of electric vehicles

The head of the PSA doubted the prospects of electric vehicles

March 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Among the main reasons that will interfere with the widespread distribution of electric cars is the underdeveloped infrastructure.

The PSA group, vigilantly following the latest automotive trends, of course, has electric cars. At one time, substantial amounts were spent on their development. At the same time, the general director of the company and the prospective future head of FCA Carlos Tavares does not believe in the bright prospects of electric cars. About this writes Reuters. The head of the PSA called modern electric cars unattractive to most motorists. They are bought, as a rule, only by zealous fans of this kind of cars – eco-enthusiasts.

 Among the main reasons that scare motorists away from buying electric cars, Tavares names a poorly developed network of charging stations, low range, and uncertainty in terms of further processing of batteries and their prices.

 Another aspect is the sharp increase in tariffs for charging electric vehicles. Sales of electric cars are often stimulated by special state programs and subsidies. As soon as this does not happen, the demand for electric cars will naturally decrease. In any case, the PSA does not plan to write off electric cars from the accounts. The concern will rely on flexible architectures that allow the installation of various power units.