The head of Tesla became the third richest man on the planet

The head of Tesla became the third richest man on the planet

September 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The founder and head of the American company once again broke records – his fortune grew to $ 111.3 billion, which allowed him to overtake even Mark Zuckerberg.

The other day, the shares of Tesla, a manufacturer of electric cars, jumped another 12.6% – now the cost of one is almost $ 500. In turn, the automaker’s market capitalization was about $ 464 billion, making the company more valuable than, for example, Walmart and Johnson & Johnson.

In this regard, the personal fortune of Elon Musk exceeded the value of the assets of the founder of Facebook – 111.3 billion against 110.5 billion US dollars. Only Bill Gates with his $ 125 billion and Jeff Bezos, whose fortune recently exceeded $ 200 billion, are now separated from the first position of the American businessman and inventor.

Recall that the so-called Batery Day will take place on September 22, at which Musk promises a revolution in the battery for electric cars. South Korean battery expert Park Chul Wan said the preview image could hint at a “silicon nanowire anode,” a revolutionary technology that could potentially dramatically increase both the specific energy of a battery and its lifespan.