The head of Audi is arrested in the case of dieselgate

The head of Audi is arrested in the case of dieselgate

June 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler was arrested in the case of “dieselgate”. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the representative of the concern Volkswagen.

“The arrest warrant was issued on charges of concealing evidence,” the Munich prosecutor said. Stadler himself denies his guilt.

Earlier in the house of the Stadler, searches were conducted, and the Munich prosecutor’s office announced an investigation against a German manufacturer who is accused of falsifying data on harmful emissions of diesel engines.

Stadler has been working for the Volkswagen concern since 1994, and he has held management positions in Audi since 2007. That is, according to the prosecutor’s office, he entered the top management about two years before the German manufacturer began to install on their cars deceptive equipment, understating the emissions, and therefore could be involved in this.

The prosecutor’s office believes that Audi, since 2009, has sold in Europe and the United States about 210,000 diesel cars with “fraudulent” software. The manufacturer is accused of “fraud and unacceptable ways to promote products.”

As specified by the BBC, last month the company Audi recognized that about 60 thousand diesel A6 and A7 can fall under the case of “dieselgate”. At the same time, a total of 850,000 machines were withdrawn last year to check for “fraudulent” equipment.