The head of Aston Martin was the former CEO of Mercedes-AMG

The head of Aston Martin was the former CEO of Mercedes-AMG

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A couple of hours ago, Tobias Moers, who previously held a similar position in the German Mercedes-AMG, was appointed to the post of CEO of the British automaker.

British Aston Martin has just announced that Andy Palmer is leaving the post of President and CEO of the British manufacturer of exclusive sports cars. In turn, the former Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers now assumes the role of CEO. Moers, 54, will be located at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Geydon, Warwickshire, and will begin operations on August 1 this year.

“I am really happy to join Aston Martin Lagonda at this stage of my development,” – Mr. Moers comments on his appointment.

“I always had a passion for high-quality cars, and I had the opportunity to work on this iconic British brand, with which I was close in technical terms at the beginning of the partnership between the two companies – this means the cooperation of Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG (editorial note) . After the arrival of the change of the executive chairman of the brand, significant investments in the brand, completion of the increase in share capital and reloading, I believe that there is a significant opportunity to use the strengths of the business to successfully expand and increase the status of the brand. ”

 Meanwhile, Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that Moers will be replaced by Philippe Schimer as CEO of a sports brand. He currently serves as the head of Mercedes-Benz in Brazil, and will be joined by Jochen Hermann as AMG’s chief technology officer. Both Shimer and German will take office on August 1.

 “Philip Schiemer and Jochen German are very experienced executives and will now be leading the AMG brand,” – said Ola Källenius, principal representative of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz. “They will be able to control the development of AMG, including ensuring that electrification plays a key role in the company’s future lineup.”

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