The head designer of Rolls-Royce will be the Kaban of BMW

The head designer of Rolls-Royce will be the Kaban of BMW

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Previously, Josef Kaban was responsible for the appearance of BMW civilian cars. In his place in the Bavarian brand will come Domagoj Dukech, who previously dealt with the appearance of M-and i-models. He will occupy the new post from April 1 of this year.

Bavarian BMW has made some changes in the top management of the company. Now the design division of the Rolls-Royce brand is headed by Josef Kaban, who started his career back in 20 years. In the asset of this designer several achievements, becoming the youngest designer of Volkswagen, as well as work on the Bugatti Veyron in 1998. In addition, he was actively involved in the development of Skoda Octavia, Kodiaq and Superb, Volkswagen Lupo.

 In BMW, Josef moved back in 2017, and apparently, he successfully entrenched in the new workplace. Former Rolls-Royce designer Giles Taylor joined the Chinese company FAW Hongqi.

Now it remains only to assume what the new models from Rolls-Royce will look like. Of course, the new chief designer will have its own impact on the style of the company, but whether it will be serious is unknown.

Meanwhile, the new BMW X6 declassified before the official presentation. More recently, we could only enjoy spy photos of the future cross-coupe, but now it is possible to examine the model in detail.