The guys from Vilner tried to make the interior of the Tesla Model 3 more stylish

The guys from Vilner tried to make the interior of the Tesla Model 3 more stylish

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Atelier specialists used wool and wood to decorate the interior of the electric car. The interior of the sedan no longer looks minimalistic.

The Tesla Model 3 is a popular sedan that uses an all-electric powerplant, and most who have seen this car at least once find its design too boring. In particular, the interior of the electric car, which is made in a minimalist style, looks pretty simple, and “the eye does not even catch on.”

The guys from the tuning company Vilner, which is known for its ambitious projects, decided to revive the interior of the American car a bit. As a result, the Tesla Model 3 received an orange-blue interior with patterned seats and wood inserts on the front panel.

As you can see in the published photos, the studio used fabric and eco-leather to decorate the interior of the Model 3 sedan, the latter quite successfully refreshing the rather boring interior of the car, which was originally dark gray. The seat inserts and head restraints are decorated with “crow’s feet” in white / turquoise fabric, which Vilner calls “miniature decorative relief”. The turquoise pattern is also repeated on the center console, door inserts and headrest.

 Seat belts and sun visors, steering wheel and center console are orange. Over the entire width of the front panel is now a real wooden panel, and not just “pieces” of wood, as it was before. I must say that it is quite harmoniously combined with the orange trim of the entire cabin.

 Vilner describes the interior created for Tesla Model 3 as “a unique atmosphere of calm, serenity and charming hospitality that surrounds you like home clothes.”