The guys from Top Gear decided to find out who is faster than the McLaren Speedtail or F-35

The guys from Top Gear decided to find out who is faster than the McLaren Speedtail or F-35

February 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The organizers of the Top Gear car show staged a race between a powerful British hypercar and a modern fighter. Yes, I agree, this is a little pointless competition. But still it is a lot of fun!

Over ten years ago, the organizers of the iconic Top Gear car show put one of their presenters, Richard Hammond, in a difficult position. He needed to find out who is faster – the French Bugatti Veyron hypercar or the Eurofighter Typhoon multipurpose military fighter.

The race of cars against airplanes had a well-known result – and it’s a no brainer that an aircraft will always be faster than a car, even if the latter was created by geniuses from Bugatti. Not to mention the fact that this is a rather meaningless, but still very fun activity.

 Now the guys from Top Gear decided to repeat this experiment. This time, another car, another plane, and another presenter is participating in the competition.

 The automotive industry is represented by the British supercar McLaren Speedtail. The British hypercar has all the strength to withstand a jet aircraft, under its hood is a hybrid power plant with a capacity of 1036 horsepower. The maximum speed of the car is 402.3 km / h. Behind the wheel is none other than Chris Harris.

 But the rival of the car this time is very serious – this is the latest and most advanced model of the F35 fighter. We will not go into technical details about the aircraft and how powerful it is. It’s better to watch the video clip to the end and you will understand everything yourself.

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