The guys from BMW have prepared a package M Performance for the current crossover X4

The guys from BMW have prepared a package M Performance for the current crossover X4

August 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

For all those who can no longer wait for the emergence of a new generation of the “charged” version of the German crossover BMW X4 M, the engineers of the BMW dealer center located in Abu Dhabi have prepared for the current version of the model a proprietary “package” of M Performance improvements.

I must say that the new version of the German compact crossover BMW X4, which was named M40i, which should be said and already looks very, very impressive, with an additional “package” of options, M Performance gained even more sporting charm. By the way, the test prototype of the absolutely new X4 M – high-performance version of the crossover was seen last month and what is most interesting, without any camouflage.

According to official information from the press service of the German company BMW, in the very near future anyone can order an upgraded version of the X4 M40i crossover.

It is this M40i that is a little more special than the others, because in addition to the side mirrors with a carbon fiber body and red accents throughout the body, it is also equipped with several parts that were developed by the guys from the famous AC Schnitzer tuning studio for the brand new X4 . Perhaps, it is worth noting separately the rear spoiler, which gives the coupe-like crossover an unusual appearance, but we have an assumption that such a solution is not for everyone. After all, this car has a regular spoiler.

At the front, there is a front spoiler, which specialists at the AC Schnitzer also developed a special for the new X4. Thanks to this detail of the exterior, the BMW M40i looks even more aggressive than before. The dark radiator grille is in harmony with the dark shade of the body, which in turn contrasts perfectly with the red accents. Apparently, the interior of the Bavarian crossover has not received any noticeable changes, although it will fit well with the new appearance of the car.

Finally we want to note that the X4 M40i is sold for $ 60,450 and is equipped with a 3.0-liter turbo engine with a power of 355 horsepower and 495 Nm of torque.