The guy too pumped the tire. And paid for it!

The guy too pumped the tire. And paid for it!

October 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Remember how in childhood: you overdo it with a balloon, and it bursts with a deafening sound to the delight of others. Something similar happened in this case, only the scale of the disaster is more serious. Not too skillful owner decided to pump up the tire of the car at the gas station, and this is what came of it. Well, that did not hurt himself!

It happened at a gas station in Maryland, USA. The author of the video from the window watched as a certain person pumped the front left tire of the car for more than two minutes. Together with a colleague, they pondered why this is happening for so long? And suddenly – a deafening clap, and the tire explodes right in front of the driver. They ran to check whether everything was in order with the man, it turned out that he received only minor injuries.

Apparently, this person did not suspect that there is a permissible rate of tire pressure (usually a sticker with the right numbers is located on the pillar on the driver’s side or on the fuel tank flap), and decided to pump up the wheel “for stronger”.

Users commented on this incident as follows: “He was lucky that he still has a head! If he wears a tie, it does not mean that he is smart, ”“ Either the pressure gauge on the pump was broken, or he was just an idiot who stuck to some strange PSI (pressure measurement unit)”. “When I was a child, my friend I did the same with the front tire of my bike, the sound was so hellish that I can hardly imagine how it was in the case of a car tire. ”