The growing demand for hybrids does not save the Toyota Prius

The growing demand for hybrids does not save the Toyota Prius

June 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sales of the once popular Japanese hybrid are falling despite the fact that hybrids are becoming more popular than ever. The Prius, which once held a dominant market position, is now lagging behind the hybrid Ford Fusion.

Since the appearance of the Prius on the market two decades have passed. During this time, more than 4.4 million hybrids were sold. Meanwhile, the demand for the Toyota Prius, peaking in 2012, has been gradually declining over six years. The automaker explains the sharp decline in sales, which fell by 39% over the year, by switching to a new version, production of which began in January.

Analysts expect the hybrids to outpace electric vehicles, at least until the middle of the next decade. They note that hybrids no longer buy just for the sake of being a hybrid. The interest of buyers is shifting from sedans towards crossovers and pickups. Ford has already decided to abandon sedans and start developing popular market segments.

Meanwhile, Toyota has not yet taken virtually any action to stimulate sales of the Prius, with the exception of the all-wheel drive system, which was recently proposed for a hybrid sedan. However, this in no way affected the level of sales. Nevertheless, Toyota still does not lose optimism. The manufacturer claims that “this will be a very, very slow increase in demand” for the new version of the Prius. However, more and more potential buyers are showing interest in models from other manufacturers. Competition Prius and make up the model lineup Toyota, where there are also hybrid versions of the sedans Corolla and Camry, and the crossover RAV4 and Highlander.