The green crossover Honda X-NV entered the market

The green crossover Honda X-NV entered the market

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Honda began selling the new compact crossover Honda X-NV, which is available in two versions in Chinese car dealerships.

In the China car market, you can find two almost identical Honda crossovers – Vezel and XR-V. A year ago, the brand offered its customers in China a “local” Vezel with an electric power plant. Such an SUV was replaced not only by the car class, but also by its name – Everus VE-1. Now the turn has come to the XR-V, whose electric version is now known as – DongFeng Honda Siming X-NV.

 From an environmentally friendly cross, its environmentally friendly version is distinguished by new optics on LEDs, recycled bumpers and a modified radiator grille with an original chrome insert. Also, the body of the “green” SUV received branded nameplates, and in its interior, modern buttons took the place of the traditional gearshift lever.

In length, an electric crossover, for which only front-wheel drive is available, reaches 4,280 mm with a wheelbase of 2,610 mm.

 The Honda X-NV is powered by a 163-horsepower electric motor that works in conjunction with a 53.6 kWh battery. On one charge, the crossover is able to cover a distance of 401 km, and the manufacturer limited its maximum speed at 140 km / h. To replenish the energy charge of the Honda X-NV to 80 percent, it takes only half an hour. New product prices in China range from 169,800 – 179,800 yuan

Recall, previously it became known that Honda will electrify all models by 2022. By this time, the brand is about to fill the European market with electric and hybrid cars.