The “graveyard” of new VW electric vehicles is growing every day.

The “graveyard” of new VW electric vehicles is growing every day.

March 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In November last year, Volkswagen began production of its new “revolutionary” model – the electric car ID.3. However, the supply of new items has not yet begun – for a forced reason, the released copies are stored in the open.

The thing is that the new VW ID.3 has problems with the software. Initially, the company developed its own “digital platform” for this electric car with many interesting features such as updates “over the air”, but due to the rush and limited budget it turned out to be of poor quality (the subsystems do not want to work with each other, so driving a car is not possible in literally). A source inside the concern told Süddeutsche Zeitung that because of this, the situation around ID.3 was catastrophic, the car is still far from the concept of a finished product: in fact, it is a semi-finished product – hardware without the necessary electronic software.

Naturally, the manufacturer does not intend to supply VW ID.3 in this form, so those models that come off the assembly line are assembled in a large open-air warehouse near Leipzig (federal state of Saxony) in anticipation of “better times”. Recently, this “temporary cemetery” came into the view of eyewitnesses, and, judging by the photos and videos, there have already accumulated a lot of electric cars.

It’s hard to say how to solve the problem with the new electric car. Now VW is negotiating with Dimler (the parent company of Mercedes), so that he helped his colleagues in the shop put the project on its feet. At the same time, the situation is also aggravated by the outbreak of coronavirus, due to which many operational processes are frozen.

Nevertheless, VW hopes that he will soon be able to reanimate ID.3 and begin deliveries in the summer. However, the planned batch of 100,000 units. by the end of the year, the concern is unlikely to have time to implement.