The Grand Tour: The second season trailer

The Grand Tour: The second season trailer

December 12, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

In the fresh video the creators again give us to understand that in the second season the audience will not be bored.

In the next video, we have cut the bright moments from the various series of the second season of the TV show The Grand Tour, which was launched this month. Note that during the filming of the new season, Richard Hammond got into a serious accident, while Jeremy Clarkson fell ill with pneumonia.

Judging by the scenes in the video, the crazy trio of the leading ones will descend down the snowy mountain slopes, however, instead of skis they use the Jaguar models, they will cruelly drive the Lamborghini along the track and ride the tank through the shopping center.

There are a lot of other funny, interesting, emotional and bright moments in the video that may indicate the saturation of the new season with spectacular events. You can say one thing, the show is mandatory for viewing for all car lovers.