The global car market crashed in March

The global car market crashed in March

April 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The trend of declining sales of new cars, which was outlined in February, only intensified.

Experts of the analytical agency shared data on sales of new cars on world markets in March. Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, sales decreased by 37.9% compared to March 2019. In total, 5 million 539 thousand new cars were sold in the world last month. For the first quarter, sales amounted to 17 million 108 thousand copies (-23.9%).

China has again become the world leader, in the territory of which 1 million 327 thousand new cars were sold. This result is 45.6% lower than last year, but it is already much better than in February this year. The second largest volume of sales was the American car market, which showed the result of 983.2 thousand new cars (-38.6%).

The worst situation was in the markets of Western Europe – in total, 883.5 thousand new cars (-52.6%) were sold in these countries.

┬áIn Eastern Europe, things were slightly better, but the market was also in the red, but only by 12.8%. In quantitative terms, 323.5 thousand cars were sold in Eastern Europe. In South America, 172.5 thousand units were sold. (-27.4%). 98.4 thousand new cars were sold in Canada in March (-46.1%), in Japan 574.7 thousand units. (-8.9%). The best dynamics was shown by the car market of South Korea – 9.9% growth and 169.1 thousand cars sold were recorded here.