The global automotive market in April fell by 45%

The global automotive market in April fell by 45%

May 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The global car market last month decreased by 44.8%

As reported on Friday, May 15, the consulting firm LMC Automotive, according to the results of four months of this year, sales of cars in the world amounted to 21.012 million units.

  Most of the cars in the world were sold in China – 1.936 million cars, which corresponds to last year’s level. As emphasized, the Chinese market began to stabilize after the weakening of quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, and also because of the delayed consumer demand that had formed in the previous couple of months. In the United States, 721,800 cars were sold – 45.6% lower than in 2019.

 The West European car markets in April reached the figure of 274,900 cars (–80.1%). The volume of sales of cars in Eastern European countries decreased by 69.8% to 104,400 units. The collapse in demand in the region is due to the fact that dealerships closed as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as well as lower oil prices.

In South America, local dealers managed to sell 55,300 cars, which is 78.5% less compared to April 2019. Among the world’s largest car markets, Japan (267,300 units, –28.7%), Korea (164,300 units, + 8.3%) and Canada (65,800 units, –63.8%) should also be noted.