The girl on the Jeep collapsed from a 60-meter cliff and survived

The girl on the Jeep collapsed from a 60-meter cliff and survived

July 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

23-year-old American Angela Hernandez miraculously survived in a terrible accident, but was traumatized. Rescuers found it only in a week!

Native Angels reported to the police about her loss on July 6. According to them, the girl was traveling on a Jeep Patriot crossover from Oregon to neighboring California on a visit to her sister, sent as soon as the SMS message was forwarded, and then stopped and did not answer the calls.

July 13, her haggard, found under the cliff came to fish on the coast of tourists. It turned out that a rabbit ran out onto the road in front of Angela, she tried to get around him, but she could not manage the operation and collapsed down the shallows from the 60-meter cliff. She woke up and smashed the side window into the water-filled machine with her tool, got out of it, but could not go far away because of an injured shoulder and a concussion. She had to survive a week alongside the twisted Jeep. Fortunately, nearby there was a creek with fresh water, but to reach it, the girl had to dismantle the radiator pipe and use it as a straw.

Now Angela’s health is not threatened, she is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital, reports CBS News.