The girl implanted a chip car key in her hand

The girl implanted a chip car key in her hand

August 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The girl working as a programmer decided to try biohack: to implant a chip key from her car in her hand. The operation has already been completed and was successful. Amy Densby is now waiting for the swelling to subside at the incision site. After that, she will be able to unlock the doors and start the engine at any time of the day or night without additional devices.

It is also known that the range of such a chip key is small. Amy must bring her hand very close to the console or door for the implant to work. The girl notes that she read about these difficulties before installing the chip key under the skin.

Amy Densby released two videos in which she talks about her decision and the actions she had to take to get an implant. The video includes some bloody details.

It should be noted that before embroidering the Tesla Model 3 chip key, the girl already sewed the RFID chip into her hand to control the “smart home” system, including opening the door to the house and launching the browser.
The girl says that she dissolved the body of the chip key in acetone to get the chip itself, which it then hid in a biopolymer, which is also used to chip pets. Installation in the hand took place in the cabin. The process, including preparation for implantation, talking with doctors and finding people ready to implant the chip, took about a year.