The GEV Expedition Truck is the SUV of your desires.

The GEV Expedition Truck is the SUV of your desires.

December 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Global Expedition Vehicle is a company that offers a new forwarding truck that can take you to the desert or north pole and bring you back. The car is equipped with everything necessary for the expedition, and boasts an unprecedented maneuverability for mobile homes.

If you are a lover of extreme rest on long journeys far from civilization, or are an employee with frequent expedition trips, then GEV Adventure Truck from Global Expedition Vehicle is the limit of your desires. Agree that choosing a car for a long journey, first of all you think about an SUV or a truck. But in the case of a simple trip to the sea – the model is not important, but an expedition to places far from civilization makes you think about the necessary equipment, and the revision of the standard model can cost a pretty penny.

The company Global Expedition Vehicle offers a turnkey solution based on the Dodge RAM 5500 or Ford F550. On the frame platform of the truck is set almost standard cab and carbon fiber residential body. It is designed for two people and includes a kitchen, bathroom, two beds, a dining area and numerous small things for a comfortable trip.

 In addition, the car boasts a 100-liter gas tank, a 340-liter water tank and a 100-liter waste water tank. These tanks provide a great time of autonomy. High ground clearance and standard snorkel will allow to overcome off-road and deep fords. There are 450 W solar panels on the roof, as well as numerous floodlights.

The car is perfectly balanced, and can give an unforgettable experience of the trip, but its price scares – $ 198,000