The Germans liked the bonus exchange of diesel cars Volkswagen

The Germans liked the bonus exchange of diesel cars Volkswagen

February 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen decided to extend the program, allowing subsidies to customers to exchange old diesel cars for new more environmentally friendly options. As the press service said, with the help of this measure, about 150,000 such cars were withdrawn from service over the past six months.

“We decided to use our bonuses and switch to new models with the Euro-6 engine standard more people in Germany than we expected,” said the head of the sales department Fred Kappler. He noted that the concern decided to extend the claimed program until March 31, 2018.

We will remind, the scandal because of diesel engines of the German concern has inflamed in September, 2015 in the USA. The reason is the software used, which makes it possible to underestimate the emissions of EA189 series exhausts in tests. In a number of cases, the excess of the norm was fixed 40 times.

Subsequently, in order to overcome the current situation, a diesel summit was convened in Berlin, in which the heads of the automotive companies of Germany, and representatives of the government of the country took part. Then it was decided to pay customers bonuses in the event of an exchange of an old diesel car with a new one with a similar type of engine.

The agreement suggests that the Volkswagen concern subsidizes a share of up to 10,000 euros, the Audi company up to 3,000 euros. In addition to automakers, the government of Germany also participates in financing the project. Presumably, this will help German drivers to gradually abandon cars with diesel engines of obsolete eco-standards in favor of more environmentally friendly cars.

Not so long ago, it became known about a new scandal involving German automakers. It concerns the testing of humans and animals. It is again about diesel engines: the effect of exhaust gases on health. This case led to a temporary suspension from the work of Volkswagen’s Director for External Relations Thomas Steg.