The Germans found the use of the Saab factory

The Germans found the use of the Saab factory

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German startup Sono, which develops and manufactures solar-powered vehicles, has cooperated with NEVS to build its cars at the former Saab factory in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Next year, the plant will begin production of the five-door hatchback Sion. For the year, the company plans to release 43,000 copies. The eight-year production plan provides for the release of 260,000 cars.

The Sion hatchback features solar panels built right into the car body. They are able to charge a battery with a capacity of 35 kWh for a power reserve of about 34 km. Batteries, of course, can be charged from the household electrical network – the range will be 250 km. The power supply system Sion is also capable of powering external devices and even other cars. The car is equipped with an electric motor capacity of 163 hp and 290 Nm.

The manufacturer claims that Sion directly from the factory will receive training for car sharing. The owner will be able to transfer the car to someone else using a mobile application.

The cost of the solar electric car is 25,500 euros, the company states that it has already received about 9,800 orders. In addition, other models with similar technologies are already under development.