The German govement are fighting the “dirty” cars Volkswagen

The German govement are fighting the “dirty” cars Volkswagen

August 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

German govement in Hamburg and Munich have already removed from registration a number of cars Audi and VW, equipped with diesel engines Euro-5, after the owners ignored consecutive recall reminders. Other cars are at risk of being recalled in the German state of Bavaria, but they have been granted a grace period for which their owners must bring cars to eco-standards, according to the German edition of Automobilwoche.

“The recall of non-compliant diesel VW diesel vehicles is mandatory. Machines that use old, not updated software can eventually be taken out of service. Since the approval of the resolution, the owners of the car had about a year and a half to take part in the recall, “- said the representative of the KVA European publication. So the German car owners need to hurry.

The above-mentioned decision on mandatory change of software on Volkswagen Group KBA cars was approved as early as in early 2016. It affected cars with 1,2, 1,6 and 2,0-liter diesel engines EA 189.

According to the KBA, by the beginning of June, 95% of Germany’s 2.46 million vehicles with banned software, which underestimated the emissions of harmful emissions, had been corrected. Only 0.6% of the cases remain problematic, as the car owners of these cars ignore the warnings of the department.

We add that in the US VW Group was forced to compensate for the damage to car owners and pay fines of about 30 billion, while in other countries it was only necessary to fix the software, and in the case of a 1.6-liter engine – what details.