The futuristic Lamborghini E_X hypercar does without doors

The futuristic Lamborghini E_X hypercar does without doors

February 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Independent designer Andrea Ortile showed what a Lamborghini-branded electric hypercar could look like.

The Lamborghini E_X electric car is a single-seater car that is inspired by past Lamborghini projects. This, for example, the legendary supercar Lamborghini Countach, whose production was curtailed in 1990, as well as the iconic rally car Lancia Stratos Zero.

None other than maestro Marcello Gandini worked on the exterior of the car. The car did not have traditional doors – you could get into the car through the windshield. The Lamborghini E_X also has no doors. Their role is handled by a special canopy, which, rising, opens up access to the only chair installed in the center. The whole structure is made reliable by the carbon fiber hoop. This is a kind of center link that makes the car stiffer even with the dome up.

The designer replaced the windows familiar to us with a special perforated film in the body color. It helps to create the impression of a single “seamless” design. The stern of the electric hypercar is reminiscent of the Huracan.

According to the author of the visualization, while working on this concert, he was inspired by the work of Gandini of the 70s. In particular, he was interested in racing prototypes.

Ortile points out that his car is built around two lines with a clear and precise design. He tried to make the hypercar concise without unnecessary graphics and unnecessary angles.

Previously, an unusual car Volvo Krigare was shown on render images. The work was done by an independent designer. If the Swedish company adopts the renders, it can get a very interesting car.