The futuristic Besturn T2 Concept is almost ready in the production version

The futuristic Besturn T2 Concept is almost ready in the production version

May 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Concern FAW is preparing to market a new crossover called Besturn T99. Judging by the spy photos, the design of the model is made in the style of the concept, shown in April 2019 in Shanghai.

Last month, the company FAW introduced a new concept of the crossover at the Shanghai Motor Show. At the stand, the model looked quite futuristic, and at the same time luxurious, with Rolls-Royce-style opening doors, a Range Rover silhouette, and a grille in a pattern from fantastic films about the future. This attracted the model quite strongly, but the reality in the face of the production version is demonstrated by a completely ordinary crossover in a clearly Chinese manner of execution.

 Despite the unique design of the front and rear, in the presented photos the view does not cling to any unique detail. The feed looks very empty, although the optics is made in a modern style, and even has an LED strip on the trunk lid. The apparent desire of the designers to “tame” everything that could lead to a huge empty space between the optics and the visible part of the bumper. Below are visible dummy exhaust system.

 The front part is a bit more interesting, but only due to the massive grille in the “rich” style. The rest of the Besturn T99 stands out among hundreds of other Chinese crossovers.

According to preliminary information, a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 224 horsepower will be used as the power unit.