The future is already here: a parking attendant is launched

The future is already here: a parking attendant is launched

February 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At airports it can be difficult to find a free parking space, and this is very annoying for drivers, especially if they are in a hurry. But the problem is easily solved if Stan comes to the rescue.

You come to the airport, leave the car, and its parking doesn’t concern you anymore, because the parking robot Stan will do everything for you. And since he will always find a free place for your car.

Stan – robot parking service of the French company Stanley Robotics. Back in 2013, three entrepreneurs came up with the idea of ​​parking automation.

This machine has a platform for transporting cars, it is similar to a tow truck or cargo conveyor in large warehouses. The owner leaves the car at the entrance to the parking lot, the robot picks it up, puts it on its platform and goes to the parking space, where it unloads the car.

Stan not only performs parking work, he also monitors flight numbers via the client’s smartphone and knows exactly when the car should be prepared for issue. Owning this information, he can sort the vehicles: those that need to be issued earlier, will put forward, and those that can wait, will move backwards.

After testing a parking attendant at the airports of Paris, Lyon and Dusseldorf, Stan was called to bring order to London’s second largest airport, Gatwick. Stan’s tests will begin there in August 2019.

Thanks to software-controlled logistics, the parking robot can park much more cars at the same place than the drivers themselves. So, in the parking lot, designed for 170 cars, he will fit 270, because he will not only be able to put them closer to each other, since he does not need to open the doors for entry and exit, but will do it as carefully and efficiently as possible.