The Formula-1 pilot built a hyperbike with an aircraft engine

The Formula-1 pilot built a hyperbike with an aircraft engine

August 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Not the most successful Brazilian driver, Tarso Marquez, who played in the 90’s for the Minardi team, after a racing career, he was very successful in building exclusive cars and motorcycles. TMC Dumont, perhaps his most mind blowing creation.

Customizing (hand building) of motorcycles is very popular in America (both North and South) hobby. Former racer of Formula 1 Tarso Márquez gave himself with the same passion as motor sports, but achieved in this field much more success and recognition. His motorcycle TMC Dumont has already won several professional awards in the world of customization, and although it is believed that it is already difficult to surprise anyone here, Marquez has definitely succeeded.

A unique bike with 36 inch staggering wheels is driven by a 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine. Its name was given to the motorcycle in honor of the Brazilian pioneer of aviation Alberto Santos-Dumont – in his homeland believe that he got up in the air before the Wright brothers. Motorcycle TMC Dumont can not fly, but it rides quite cheerfully, and the sound of its engine is simply incomparable!

TMC Dumont is built in a single copy and is not intended for sale, but in the portfolio of Tarso Marquez there are commercial projects – custom based on Harley-Davidson, Indian and Triumph series. Also the former racer is engaged in altering cars, planes, helicopters and yachts.