The following Audi could be electric, but the single-frame grille will remain the same

The following Audi could be electric, but the single-frame grille will remain the same

July 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Audi’s branding single-frame radiator grille isn’t going anywhere, despite the German automaker starting to roll out all-electric vehicles.

As electric vehicles gain ground, we’re seeing some automakers ditching traditional front grilles in favor of body-colored panels. However, in a recent roundtable discussion, Audi said its EVs will have grilles similar to its ICE models, even if they could be closed in pursuit of improved aerodynamics.

Front grilles have long been a necessity for cars to keep their engines and radiators cool with fresh air. At the same time, the grilles are not so important for an electric car, because they don’t have an internal combustion engine. They only help to give the models a recognizable “face”.

In an interview with Motor Trend, the Audi design team said the grilles on their electric vehicles will help differentiate their models from competitors. These grilles will also be featured in the upcoming Sphere electric vehicle trio with autonomous driving.

The Audi single-frame radiator grille was first used on the 2004 A8 and has been installed on all vehicles of the brand ever since.

Compared to many other automotive grilles, a single frame is a single piece extending from the bonnet to the base of the bumper.

Earlier this month, the German automaker announced three Sphere concepts. They consist of the Sky Sphere, an elegant two-door coupe, a four-door Grand Sphere sedan and an Urban Sphere shaped like a large SUV.

It also became known that the Audi concern will not produce the next generation A1 model.