The flagship five-meter Buick sedan after restyling was transferred to the turbo engine 1.3

The flagship five-meter Buick sedan after restyling was transferred to the turbo engine 1.3

November 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The modernized version of the most expensive sedan of the American brand, Buick LaCrosse, is unveiled. The flagship corrected the appearance and sent out new engines.

The third-generation Buick LaCrosse sedan debuted back in 2015, the model is built on the P2XX platform, which also forms the basis of the Chevrolet Impala. In 2017, the sedan Buick acquired a top-end version of the Avenir, which is different decor and more expensive interior trim materials. Now, a restyled LaCrosse is ready for the premiere – images of the refreshed model have been added to the base of the Ministry of Industry of China.

Sedan received new grille and headlights in the style of Opel Insignia, other bumpers. Rear lights also changed, in addition, between them there was a massive chrome plate. The length of the standard restyled Buick LaCrosse grew by 8 mm and reached 5026 mm. The Avenir version, on the contrary, has become shorter – the length of the refreshed top sedan is 5030 mm (-8 mm compared with the pre-reform LaCrosse Avenir). The wheelbase is the same – 2905 mm. Photos of the interior yet. It is not excluded that a new multimedia system was installed in the salon.

For the usual Chinese LaCrosse, a new engine is announced – a 1.3 petrol turbo engine with a power of 158 hp. Also in the China will be offered with a two-liter turbo-four with a return of 234 hp, this engine is laid and LaCrosse Avenir. There are no data boxes yet.

Pre-reform sedan in China is also offered with a two-liter turbo engine, but with a capacity of 261 hp, it is combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the old model in the Chinese market can be bought with a 170-horsepower 1.5 turbocharged engine (working in tandem with a seven-speed robotized transmission) and a hybrid installation, which includes an aspirated 1.8, an electromechanical variator with two electric motors and an automated clutch and lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 1.5 kWh. From the Buick hybrid is unlikely to refuse, but the half-liter engine, apparently, was dismissed.

The timing of the premiere of the updated LaCrosse has not yet been disclosed. Most likely, the model will be presented already this year. The pre-reform sedan in China costs from 229,800 yuan – this is the most expensive sedan in the line of the brand.

In addition to China, LaCrosse is still sold in the United States. The American version is likely to change outwardly in the same way as the Chinese version, but the “technique” at LaCrosse in the brand’s homeland will probably remain the same. The Dorestayling sedan in the States is available with an aspirated “V6 3.6 (310 hp) and a nine-speed automatic transmission, as well as with a soft hybrid eAssist system – these cars are equipped with the four 2.5 (194 hp), motor generator, lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 0.45 kWh and a six-speed automatic transmission. For models with a V6 engine in the United States provides all-wheel drive. Price sedan – from 29 570 dollars (excluding tax and delivery)