The flagship crossover Lynk&Co intermarry with the Volvo XC90

The flagship crossover Lynk&Co intermarry with the Volvo XC90

February 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Photos from the tests of a new model of a young brand appeared on the web. The car should be on sale next year.

The Lynk & Co brand was created in 2016, it is a joint project of Geely and Volvo (the Swedish company, in turn, belongs to the Chinese). The brand became the firstborn of the brand with an index of 01, it debuted at the end of 2017, and they decided to start right away with the flagship – 01 is the most expensive model of Lynk & Co. Over the past year, the lineup has been supplemented by the junior cross-country 02 and sedan 03. All the current cars of the young brand are based on the CMA platform, again developed by Geely and Volvo together (it also underlies, for example, the Volvo XC40). And in 2020, another Lynk & Co coupe should be presented, but now on the older Volvo platform SPA, on which the “Swedes” of the sixtieth and ninetieth series are built – this SUV obviously takes the title of the flagship model from Lynk & Co 01.

In China, the tests of the new crossover have already started, however, while it is being tested in a strange body: the same 01 acts as a “mule”. The prototype was published by the local edition of Autohome. From the serial 01 caught the car is different enlarged rear doors and other rear racks. In the cabin – another gear lever.

On the motor scale of the future flagship Lynk & Co details yet. However, the engines of the all-terrain vehicle will probably get from Volvo. Thus, the current models of the brand are equipped with a Volvovian engine of the Drive-E family: Sedan 03 is available with a turbo four 1.5 with a power of 156 or 180 hp, the same engine is put on the 02 crossover, plus this SUV, like the older 01, also equipped with a turbocharged “four” 2.0 with a return of 190 hp All models are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission or seven-speed robotized box with double clutch, and a sedan and a 02 can still be bought with a 6MKP. For crossovers provides all-wheel drive. In addition, the Lynk & Co 01 has a rechargeable hybrid version based on the 1.5 engine, only on electric, such a machine will travel about 51 km.

Currently Lynk & Co cars are produced and sold only in China. There, the brand is quite successful: in 2018, the first full year on the market, more than 120,000 cars were sold. However, only the Celestial Lynk & Co is not going to limit itself – in 2020 the brand will begin to conquer Europe, and in the Old World will offer the Belgian assembly machine, it will be adjusted at the Volvo plant in Gent. Officially, the release of the SUV 01 has been announced so far, but other models can also be “registered” in Europe, including the flagship crossover on the SPA platform.