The first tests of Rolls-Royce Phantom new generation

The first tests of Rolls-Royce Phantom new generation

May 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sultry summer last year, the luxury brand Rolls-Royce introduced a new generation of limousine Phantom. We have carefully studied the opinions of our foreign colleagues about it, and present to our readers a short digest based on these impressions.

Observers of the British edition of Autocar noted that the new biturbed V12 under the hood of the Rolls-Royce Phantom has a better thrust than the atmospheric engine under the hood of the previous generation car, and thanks to the turbines, its traction is available at low revs. As for noise and vibrations, it is completely unclear at idle whether it works at all. By the way, before you get into the salon, the car will be pleased with the doors, which will open with a verified smoothness. Unlike the Phantom of the last generation, now and on the front doors there is a button for automatically closing the doors.

As for the free space in the cabin, then, in the opinion of our colleagues, it is in abundance. There are more places than Mercedes-Benz S-Class Long and Bentley Mulsanne.

The rudder of the new Phantom is several inches larger than its competitors, the driver’s seat is set high enough.

Cars Rolls-Royce, as a rule, are conservative, nevertheless, in the cabin the newest multimedia system like that which can be found on “fresh” cars BMW, and also the TV-tuner is installed. Of course, there is also 4G with Wi-Fi.

At a speed of 110 kilometers per hour, the car generates 60 dB of noise, most of which comes from the road, although there is a small wind whistle. This is 3 dB less than recorded colleagues in 2013, testing Bentley Mulsanne. If you omit the glass at this speed, you get the feeling that you are flying in a private airplane, in which the compartment has been depressurized, – colleagues write.

To drive this car is very nice: the dimensions are easy to read, and the pedals will be pleased with the gorgeous tactile sensations.

Approximately the same can be said about the motor: under medium load, its thrust is linear, but if you give full gas, it will sound all 12 cylinders, forcing the limousine body slightly to squat behind. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour takes 4.4 seconds, up to 160 – 12 seconds. It’s faster than the Ford Focus RS, despite 2.8 tons of weight.

On the road Phantom behaves as gently and neatly as possible, and no car in the world can do it with the same success, – the colleagues are sure. 90% of the defects of the roadway the car simply eats, while rolls or buildup is not observed.

Observers of the Canadian edition Driving noted that the Phantom perfectly feels in the corners, passing them with enviable elegance, confidence and smoothness. Biturbo V12 does not turn this car into an airplane, however, its traction is enough to ensure that sitting in the back seat madam thought ill of the driver’s mental abilities. The chassis of the new Phantom with such a ride leaves the driver more time to prevent the congress in the ditch.

Each detail of the cabin is made of high quality materials, and the rotating or switching controls of the onboard electronics and air conditioning systems have a decent weight.