The first tests of Dallara Stradale

The first tests of Dallara Stradale

March 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian brand Dallara is known to many, mainly, its race cars. At times the company even develops Formula 1 cars (now Italians are actively cooperating with the American team of Haas F1 Team), and it is also the exclusive supplier of racing equipment for the Formula E and IndyKar series. But few people know that since recently Italians are engaged in small-scale production of track supercars, which have truly racing habits. The serial first-born of the brand – roadster Stradale, was tested by our foreign colleagues, and we based on their opinions about this car digest.

This car is very considerable money – 235 000 euros, but almost all of them went for blowing in the wind tunnel and light alloy materials: the equipped weight of the roadster is only 855 kilograms, and under its hood is a modernized engine from the Ford Focus RS – turbocharged four-cylinder engine with capacity of 2.3 liters and a return of 395 horsepower. As for aerodynamics, the roadster can generate 400 kilograms of downforce, and if you install a proprietary wing that comes with it, this value reaches 810 kilograms.

Without reporting the vehicle clearance information, our colleagues noticed that it is large enough in a static state, and at a low speed. But like on real racing cars, it decreases due to the clamping force at high speed.

The car salon is ascetic, as the company tried to reduce weight as much as possible. The steering wheel and pedals are adjusted without any problems, but the gearshift lever is too close, making even transmissions uncomfortable.

Ruling roadster is just as elegant: the steering has excellent information, and this does not interfere with the lack of an electric booster. Feels on the steering wheel is clear not only what level of grip, but also what kind of asphalt under the wheels. With increasing speed, the steering is also poured in weight. The level of mechanical clutch is simply huge, and to break the car into a skid on an ordinary road you need to try. However, the turbocharged four-cylinder Ford EcoBoost is quite capable of this at low speeds.

The brake discs of the roadster are cast-iron, but they are enough to stop even in the race mode. The only thing that causes censure is the excessive sensitivity of the pedal, which is difficult to dose.

On public roads, the car, unlike competitors, behaves, although not very smoothly, but not as “chiseled” as competitors.

The car almost no trunk: behind the engine there is a small compartment, where you can put only a couple of helmets. The multimedia system is missing as a class, and all that is available to the driver is a small screen of the racing on-board computer.

Such a huge downforce among legal road cars can generate only a couple of competitors: Dodge Viper ACR and hypercar McLaren Senna. Dallara Stradale joins them. But if such a developed aerodynamics of the car owner does not interest, then you can buy the same lightweight Lotus 3-Eleven, which costs two times cheaper.

Inside the Dallara Stradale you feel comfortable, but to get into the car’s interior, you need to jump over its side, as there are no classical doors on either side.

The engine lacks traction due to the low weight of the chassis, but there is a noticeable turbolight, and it does not sound impressive.

In general, the reviewers agreed that Dallara built a beautiful car, which, although it can move along public roads, but its element is a racing track. Cons – this is the price and trade-offs, which will have to face its owners in the conditions of the city and the route.