The first tests Kia Stinger GT: tenacious fastback with a thoughtful automatic transmission

The first tests Kia Stinger GT: tenacious fastback with a thoughtful automatic transmission

December 25, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

The South Korean brand Kia will bring to the market a new and very interesting car – fastbike Stinger GT. This model will cost a little less than popular German competitors, while the dynamics of the Stinger GT will be at a high level. Our colleagues spent some time with the car on the city roads and on the legendary Nürburgring, and we decided to make a short digest in which they described the most important theses of our foreign colleagues about this fastback.

Reviewers of the edition Caranddriver first of all appreciated the appearance and dimensions of the car. The wheelbase Stinger is longer than the BMW M3 and only a few centimeters shorter than the Porsche Panamera. In the back row, thanks to this, a lot of free space, however, the seats in the interior of the Stinger GT are set very low.

The test drive took place on the German Nürburgring track, the reviewers drove several laps in the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive version of the Stinger GT. Rear drive version pleased with its tenacious habits, very precise and well-balanced control, the balance of the chassis is neutral, but the four-wheel drive version clearly feels understeer. The body at the fastback is very stiff, which makes the car feel great in the corners.

Biturbo six-cylinder with a capacity of 3.3 liters and a payback of 365 horsepower has an excellent traction and “sings” a baritone, there are no complaints. However, there are claims to the eight-speed “automatic”, which even in manual mode is late with switching.

Autoblog reviewers noted that Kia Stinger offers the longest chassis in the class, which is only a few centimeters shorter than the Porsche Panamera, which costs about twice as much.

Despite the modest price for such a car, it’s possible to find high-quality leather in the cabin (in the top trim it is Nappa), also inserts made of aluminum.

The cabin is perfectly insulated from the power plant, but the engine can still be heard, however, only under full load. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in the version with the V6 engine takes 4.7 seconds, and this is faster than the competition in the face of Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera in the basic versions. There are no complaints to the motor, however, the logic of the eight-speed automatic machine is “lame”. The systems of confinement and collision avoidance behave too paranoid.

In city mode, the body nicely isolates the interior from the pits, leaving a reserve for the racing track, where the car behaves very confidently. Also it should be noted that the reviewers advised the future owners of fastback not to switch the driving mode from Normal to Comfort and Sport. In Comfort mode, the car will be too imposing, and in Sport mode it will be uncomfortable to ride in it. Normal is what suits this car.

Earlier portal we published spy photos of the new Kia cee’d.

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