The first Tesla Model 3 appeared in the police service

The first Tesla Model 3 appeared in the police service

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The police department of the city of Bargersville (Indiana, USA) purchased the first Tesla Model 3. The local police chief is confident that the electric car surpasses the typical Dodge Charger in US security in handling, low cost of service and is not inferior in dynamics to a gas sedan.

Bargersville police have no doubt that over time, the Tesla Model 3 will supplant classic American patrol cars in other US cities and justify their choice with calculations.

The electric car in the Standard Range Plus version cost the police department $ 41,945: $ 8,333 more than buying a traditional Dodge Charger. About $ 7200 is spent annually on the Charger’s fuel, while a regular charge of the Tesla will cost $ 1,674 a year. In addition, the electric car needs less maintenance, wears out brake pads less and loads tires.

As for the power reserve, Tesla should have no problems with this: according to the police, the daily mileage of a patrol car in Bargersville does not exceed 200 kilometers, while the Model 3 version of Standard Range Plus can travel up to 386 kilometers on a single charge. The media claimed that Indiana police became the first department to purchase the Tesla Model 3. Earlier, in the service of the Los Angeles police, the larger and more expensive Tesla Model S sedan appeared. Another similar electric car was purchased in January this year by California police.

The purchase of electric vehicles to the police is not without scandals: the Los Angeles police department was accused of misuse of budget funds after the receipt of a batch of BMW i3. According to journalists, expensive German electric cars do not ensure the safety of citizens, but are used by police for personal needs.