The first Terrafugia flying car will be available next month

The first Terrafugia flying car will be available next month

September 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It is expected that the world’s first flying cars will go on sale next year, and the manufacturer Terrafugia says it is preparing to take orders next month. The British edition The Times writes about this.

The future is coming so fast that you do not have time to marvel at innovative technologies and progress that could previously be seen only on the pages of science fiction books and in films. Now this future has become real, and flying cars have ceased to be fiction.

Terrafugia Transition is a double transport with folding wings, which is driven by a fuel engine and electricity. To take off and land, he needs a runway. In the air, the car can pick up speed up to 160 km / h.

The cost has not yet been disclosed, but it is estimated that it can be more than 300 thousand dollars. The manufacturer called this price for an earlier aircraft, which was postponed back in 2011.

Now Terrafugia seems to be closer to take-off. Last month, she signed a lease agreement with Nashua Airport in New Hampshire for 6,700 square feet with hangars and office space. The hangar can accommodate up to eight cars. This will allow the company to speed up the work by launching several aircraft, simultaneously checking the prototypes and creating new ones.

The manufacturer was purchased in November last year by the Chinese automobile company Geely, which provided funds and engineering resources, and increased its staff tenfold to more than 200 engineers. Chris Yaran, CEO of Terrafugia, said that next month he will start accepting orders for Transition. Models of another new version will be released in October.

Currently, the testing of the device’s programs continues as “part of the final stage of the approval of Transition”. The vehicle has not yet been approved by the US federal regulatory authorities, warning that the approval procedure for a flying passenger vehicle will be more difficult and take longer than expected.