The first teaser of the General Motors electric pickup truck hit the Network

The first teaser of the General Motors electric pickup truck hit the Network

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The debut image of the future “green” auto-novelty from GM is not particularly informative, but it fuels public interest in the upcoming presentation of the electric pickup.

The American concern General Motors showed the first teaser of its future electric pickup. The image introduces us to the contour of an environmentally friendly new product, which, according to the entire sheet, will retain the forms and lines familiar to the average buyer. In contrast to the futuristic pickup Tesla Cybertruck, which surprised the public with its excessive angularity and “straightforwardness”. The unusual shape of the electric pickup truck even became a joke – dozens of memes can be found on the Web, and the most witty Internet users noted that when developing the design of the pickup truck in Tesla, they managed with one line.

As for the future General Motors pickup, it is already known that it will be put on the conveyor at the end of 2021. The brand entrusts its production to the D-HAM plant in Detroit, which it was decided to refocus on the production of electrified models. Also earlier in the news feeds there was information that the new electric pickup will revive the Hummer brand.

 So far, this is all information about the future competitor Tesla Cybertruck. Recall, along with the electric truck, the lineup of the above-mentioned enterprise will replenish the unmanned Cruise Origin shuttle.