The first Subaru plant outside of Japan opened

The first Subaru plant outside of Japan opened

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the industrial area on the outskirts of Bangkok, the first Subaru plant was opened outside Japan.

Tan Chong Subaru Automotive Thailand (TCSAT) is a joint venture of TCI and Subaru Corporation.

Currently, the plant is capable of producing 6,000 cars per year, and next year its capacity will be increased to 10,000 units. At the same time, the total design capacity of the enterprise reaches 100 thousand cars per year. According to Starcarsifu, it is possible to produce four Subaru models at once at the Bangkok site.

To ensure high quality standards for the production of cars, a special team from Japan works at the plant.

In addition, at many stages of production, high-precision robotics is involved, which completely eliminates the risks associated with human factors.

Quality control and adjustment processes are performed throughout the entire assembly process and are complemented by regular production checks conducted by Subaru Corporation.

Today, the plant employs over 400 local workers, as well as foreigners from Japan and Singapore, who arrived in Thailand, to transfer experience.

Representatives of the joint venture noted that the next stage of development of the enterprise will be to increase the localization of the production of Subaru cars by attracting local manufacturers to the supply chain.