The first spy photos of the Triumph Rocket III 2020 hit the web

The first spy photos of the Triumph Rocket III 2020 hit the web

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new Triumph Rocket III was spotted by photo spies, which made it possible to consider significant changes in the huge British cruiser. The current generation of Rocket III has been produced since 2004, and is now sold only in the United States, since it does not pass in Europe according to environmental standards. The motorcycle in the photos looks almost serial.

Rumors of a new Rocket III went after the Triumph autumn presentation for dealers, which also leaked data about the Scrambler 1200 and Speed ​​Twin. According to several sources, the prototype of the Rocket III traveled to the stage during that meeting, as well as sketches of the future novelty were shown. The captured test model fully complies with them and makes it possible to see both sides of the bike.

Externally, the motor looks like an old row top three. It is expected that it will be completely updated, and the working volume will grow from 2.3 liters to 2.5. It will meet both Euro 4 requirements and the more stringent Euro 5 standards, which will come into force in 2020. This will also help the new exhaust system 3-1-3, with 2 mufflers will be on the right side, and 1 on the left, like the model in 2004, but the novelty they will be shorter.

Thanks to the short exhaust, it is clearly visible that the motorcycle has kept the cardan drive, but now the gimbal is hidden inside a one-sided pendulum. Accordingly, the rear suspension now consists of a mono-shock absorber under the saddle.

At the back you can see a short tail with an integrated flashlight. Turning is attached to the hagger, which also serves as a place under the number.

Unlike other European manufacturers, Triumph does not try to keep its new products until major exhibition shows, so you can be filled that Rocket III will be shown for several months, rather than waiting for EICMA or another major show.