The first sport prototype of the LMP1 series on hydrogen

The first sport prototype of the LMP1 series on hydrogen

October 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews


The Western Automobile Club (Automobile Club de l’Ouest), known as the organizer of the annual race “24 Hours of Le Mans”, introduced the first sport prototype of the LMP1 series, running on hydrogen. Demonstration car arrival took place at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit during the race weekend “4 hours Spa”.

The novelty, called LMPH2G, is based on the Adess LMP3 sport prototype by Green GT. The latter is known for the fact that together with Pininfarina has developed the concept car H2 Speed, also equipped with a power plant on hydrogen fuel cells. The H2 Speed ​​was based on a platform from the Leman prototype, covered with a body with a complex aerodynamic tail.

According to available information, the LMPH2G is equipped with four electric motors, the total efficiency of which is 653 horsepower. The fuel elements of the power plant are combined in four stacks. The maximum speed of the sport prototype is 300 kilometers per hour.

The concept-car Pininfarina H2 Speed, which became the forerunner of the LMPH2G, received two electric motors with a total return of 503 power. Acceleration to the first hundred at the car takes 3.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is also limited at around 300 kilometers per hour.