The first serial flying car revealed in Geneva

The first serial flying car revealed in Geneva

March 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Netherlands company PAL-V presented the first production flying car Liberty at the Geneva Motor Show. The machine can carry up to two passengers and up to 20 kilograms of cargo. It is expected that the first deliveries of the air-car will begin in 2019, after obtaining the necessary certificates.

For the power unit PAL-V Liberty two aircraft engines Rotax are taken. In the mode of motion on the ground, the recoil of the motor is 100 horsepower. To accelerate to 100 km/h machine takes less than nine seconds, the maximum speed – 160 kilometers per hour. On one tank Liberty can pass up to 1315 kilometers with an average flow of 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

The activation of the flight mode increases the power of the power plant up to 200 horsepower. The machine can fly at a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 3.5 thousand meters. For take-off of PAL-V Liberty, an overclocking line with a maximum length of 330 meters is required. The machine can be in the air 4.3 hours and fly 500 kilometers.

To pre-order PAL-V Liberty, you need to make a deposit in the amount of 2.5 to 25 thousand dollars (depending on the version). In the case of payment of 10 or 25 thousand dollars, the amount includes priority delivery, the possibility of transferring the contract, as well as 10 lessons of machine control. Earlier it was reported that the cost of the base version of the air-car will be 299 thousand dollars.

The first version of PAL-V Liberty will be a special version of Pioneer Edition. In total, the company plans to produce 90 such machines. Following it, sales of a more affordable Sport will begin.

The development of flying machines is also handled by large companies. Among them are Airbus, Boeing and Toyota. However, the most famous are the Slovak project AeroMobil, German Carplane and American Terrafugia, which is preparing two models: Transition and TF-X.

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