The first school electric bus appeared in Alaska

The first school electric bus appeared in Alaska

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thomas Built car will carry students in 40-degree frost

The transportation service of the city of Tok in Alaska has purchased the first all-electric school bus, writes Alaska’s News Source. This is a Jouley by Thomas Built Buses in North Carolina.

The Tok area is located in the east of Alaska, away from the coast. The population of the district is 1258 people (according to 2010 data), there is one public school in the city, which, apparently, will be served by a bus.

In winter, the air temperature in Toka drops below -40 degrees Celsius. However, local transport workers hope that the bus will cope in such conditions. According to them, they need to travel no more than 70 miles (112 kilometers) per day, and the Jouley’s range is 135 miles (217 kilometers). So the remaining energy should be enough to heat the batteries and the passenger compartment.

The main reason for buying an electric bus is to save on fuel. According to local estimates, one mile on a diesel bus costs 54 cents versus 19 cents for an electric bus.

In addition, solar panels are planned to be installed on the roof of the bus depot, which will provide additional energy savings. This idea does not seem so senseless, given that Tok is located near the Arctic Circle, just south of Arkhangelsk, so it is light there all day long in summer.

The bus manufacturer himself promised to closely monitor the peculiarities of the operation of the electric bus in Alaska and make changes to the design if necessary.