The first right-hand drive Chevrolet Corvette to appear in 2021

The first right-hand drive Chevrolet Corvette to appear in 2021

June 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In mid-2020, the new Corvette C8 will roll off the assembly line to specifications for left-hand traffic countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

Due to the specifics of some markets, such as the American one, many models were not available to customers in these countries. This is also true for the UK – Chevrolet has never before produced a right-hand drive version of the Corvette. However, things will change soon.

The American automaker announced the release of the right-hand drive Chevrolet Corvette C8, which will appear at British dealers of the brand already in 2021 at a price of $ 86,150 for the performance of the Launch Edition. This is significantly more expensive than in the home market.

It is worth noting that about a third of the world’s population lives in countries with left-hand traffic, but Corvette was designed primarily for those markets where the steering wheel is located on the left.

Chevrolet executives are said to be somewhat nervous about RHD Corvette’s chances of success. Although there are already pre-orders, the automaker is not sure whether demand will be stable in the coming years.

Despite the closure of the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand, Chevy is committed to offering the right-hand drive to the Corvette. The company is creating a new GM Specialty Vehicles, which will provide delivery of vehicles to the region.

As for Japan, the response here is more positive, since the model has already received more than 300 orders within 60 hours after the start of the reservation. Deliveries there will begin in the spring of 2021.