The first Polestar 2 prototypes rolled off the assembly line

The first Polestar 2 prototypes rolled off the assembly line

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Polestar is one step closer to delivering its copies to customers. At the moment, the first prototypes are in the second phase.

The first Polestar 2 prototypes began to be mass-produced on an assembly line at the Luqiao plant in China, already in preparation for serial production. The trial production of tooling is the second phase, designed to confirm quality and integrity. This is necessary in order to make sure that the cars will fully comply with all standards.

 “Polestar 2 tool trial samples are now leaving the final production line at the Luqiao factory and are thus approaching mass production. Cars will be with customers in the first half of 2020, as planned. We will continue to deliver on our promises, ”said Thomas Ingenlat, Polestar CEO.

 It is worth noting that the production of cars for Polestar 1 customers has already begun and is actively being conducted at the Chinese plant in Chengdu. The company was opened in August this year. The company also plans to launch a closed testing ground in the near future, which will allow the development of vehicles and ensuring product quality, thereby reducing the amount of equipment needed to evaluate vehicles.

 It is known that Polestar 1 PHEV and Polestar 2 EV cars can already be ordered on the official website of the company. On it, customers can reserve the desired electric car for each, which will ensure the delivery of the purchased vehicle next year with a fully refundable deposit of about 1,000 euros.

 The cost of Polestar 2 in the UK starts from 50 thousand pounds, as well as from 58.8 thousand euros in Germany, as well as from 63 thousand dollars in the US market. While Polestar 1 is offered from 155 thousand dollars in the United States and from 155 thousand euros in Germany.

Recall, we previously reported that Polestar 1 from Need For Speed ​​Heat will appear in real life. Then car designer Khizil Salim said that a variation of the model, specially designed for this game, will be released soon.