The first pictures of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 appeared on the web

The first pictures of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 appeared on the web

April 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This is the first image of the fully open front end of the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser 300, a new generation of Japanese SUVs slated to debut shortly.

This is not the first time we have said that the presentation of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is very close, as we have already stumbled on the net on numerous leaks and spy photos of the Japanese model. However, weeks go by, and the model still has not debuted, although the spies are not asleep.

This time, AutoTimesNews came across a snapshot of an SUV on the Internet, showing the uncovered front of a new generation SUV. This image is somewhat blurry, but perfectly shows the new features of the future Land Cruiser 300. The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will be the successor to the 200 series SUV, the model that was sold in Europe as the Land Cruiser V8 and was positioned as the flagship of the range. This range is known in other markets as the Land Cruiser Prado, a name that was never used on the old continent.

These images clearly show us how the design of the front of the SUV will evolve, which is still an evolution of the current model. The most radical changes we see are in the grille, which is clearly larger, and in the bumper, which looks especially sporty and does not match the elements that we have seen in various prototypes and sketches previously published. So this is probably a sportier version of an SUV, possibly a future Land Cruiser GR. The sample in question has a lot of chrome elements, so this should be the top version of the model.

We will remind, earlier dealers “blabbed” that on July 1, 2021, the assembly of a car with gasoline engines will start, but there are no hybrids in the project so far. As a transmission, they will offer a 10-speed “automatic”, which will transmit torque to all four wheels.