The first pictures of the Maybach SUV are published

The first pictures of the Maybach SUV are published

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker on its Facebook shared a teaser for the ultra-luxury GLS.

Two days before the official debut of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, the manufacturer posted a darkened image of the front of the SUV on the Web. The luxurious version will differ from the usual GLS with a radiator grille with vertical slats, an original front bumper with a fine-mesh silver structure and a protruding three-beam star on the hood. Designed to compete with the Bentley Bentayga and Royce-Rolls Cullinan, this model was virtually invisible ahead of its debut this fall.

According to the only official picture, no conclusions can be drawn about the appearance of the new product, however, the off-road Mercedes-Maybach has already come across the lens of photo spies more than once, and the general concept of the model is not a secret.

While external styling changes are minor, designers will focus on interior refinement. According to preliminary information, the model will have adjustable second-row seats, which will be divided by the center console. You can also expect premium leather upholstery, additional wood trim and Maybach pillows. Other highlights will include additional sound-absorbing material, electric rear window blinds and an Air Balance system that spreads the Maybach Agarwood scent throughout the cabin. In addition to the specific features of Maybach, the model should come with almost all the options and standard equipment from the main GLS.

The gamut of powertrains of the ultra-luxurious GLS is not known. So far, the most powerful GLS 580 is equipped with a moderately hybrid power plant with a four-liter 490-horsepower (699 Nm torque) “biturbo-eight” base. For Maybach, indexes 600 and 680 were registered, so a twelve-cylinder engine may appear under the hood of the top GLS.

The public premiere of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS will be held at the Guangzhou Motor Show on November 21. The luxury SUV will be assembled at the Daimler plant in the United States: it has already been announced that the model will become the most expensive mass car manufactured in North America.