The first photos of the electric crossover BMW iX2

The first photos of the electric crossover BMW iX2

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On tests, a prototype of the all-electric performance of the BMW X2 crossover was noticed. The car will receive a fifth-generation electrical installation, as well as an impressive range.

BMW has not yet introduced the plug-in hybrid X2 crossover, but despite this, the brand’s engineers are already moving ahead in their strategy, according to which, in the near future, all models of the brand will be electrified, and the use of internal combustion engines will be completely refused.

Caught somewhere in cold Sweden, the prototype seen looked almost the same as the upcoming X2 xDrive 25e, right down to the badge on the tailgate.

However, the Hybrid Test Vehicle stickers that we saw earlier on the prototypes of the plug-in hybrid X2 crossover were replaced with Electric Test Vehicle stickers that are installed on the front doors and at the back between logos indicating the full name of the model. BMW even decided to keep one exhaust pipe, but the journalists who took these pictures claim that this element is simply needed for decoration, because it is a completely electric car.

 We also noticed that the test car had the same two fuel covers as the plug-in hybrid X2 xDrive25e, but most likely, one such cover will disappear on the front wing of the serial version of the electric crossover. In front, the round fog lights that you see on the bumper are just stickers, since the serial version of the model will most likely integrate them into the headlights, as was seen on the prototype electric crossover that we were shown this year.

 Detailed information on the composition of the power plant is currently unavailable, although we expect that the electric version of the X2 crossover will receive a fifth-generation BMW electric unit. Then the SUV iX3, i4 sedan and another SUV iNext will be equipped with the same engine.

 Logic tells us that BMW will offer an all-electric X2 under the name iX2, given that its “older brother” has already received the name iX3, and we know for sure that the company has already reserved all names, from iX1 to iX9.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that BMW is testing a prototype of the electric E-Power Roadster. This prototype is another step towards the creation of a serial electric cycle company BMW.