The first photo of the lime Bugatti Divo appeared on the web

The first photo of the lime Bugatti Divo appeared on the web

September 16, 2018 2 By autotimesnews

Recently was introduced a new Divo hypercar, built on the basis of the famous model Bugatti Chiron. But now independent designers have decided to present their own vision of a special version called “Forbidden Fruit” with a set of extended bodywork and a unique color.

Bugatti Chiron is one of the most coveted hypercars, and it is likely that it is the most famous, thanks to competent marketing and several world speed records. The car is already available in a limited series, but only recently was the version of Divo, available in a more limited version. And more recently there was information about the possibility of three more modifications of Super Light, Super Sport and Roadster.

However, independent designers believe that this is not enough, and decided to show their own representation of a special version of the Bugatti Divo in a special set of wide body, with a special body color.

According to the designer Khyzyl Saleem, who is the co-author of the work, the car will receive about 1,500 horsepower from the previous W16 engine, and the new body will completely rebuild the aerodynamics, change the design, and affect even the head optics. Judging by the almost absent ground clearance, the suspension will be redesigned, along with the steering.

Unfortunately, the designers worked only on the design, and the technical part is not their concern. Therefore, to assume about the characteristics of a non-existent car is a rather useless occupation.

Recall that the Bugatti Divo is equipped with the same 1500-hp W16, but the test track Nardo is 8 seconds faster than the standard Chiron and 3c – version of Chiron Sport, which has been considered the most driver so far. True, the maximum speed of the Divo is reduced to 380 km / h (Chiron is capable of accelerating to 420 km / h).

If you thought that the Bugatti Divo is the last reinterpretation of the hypercar Chiron – then you were wrong. According to the magazine Automobile Magazine, Bugatti works, at least, over three modifications: Superlight, Super Sport and Roadster.